Light is life

Water&Light studies the language of light that dictates life.

When investigating the waves of light, one observes the dynamics of nature. Each frequency gives certain information to its environment, but changes in the frequencies can also have consequences. You can think of the growth the flowering, but also the number of leaves, the development of the fruit, the quality of vitality and the shelf life. The possibilities that nature gives to us via light are numerous.

We do not only observe and analyse light and the related processes, but we also look at how we can optimize the processes in a natural way and what practical advantages can be achieved. The light spectrum that we measure is much broader than what we can observe with our eyes. We look at the visual light with its seven colors, but we also look at ultraviolet and infrared at both sides of the visual light.

With special light sensitive spectrometers we investigate a broad range of wavelengths and we analyse what these waves tell us. Each wavelength provides information and the whole range of the light spectrum provides a coherent image and says something about its nature and environment.